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A standard Space Developed in the Pandemic Era and Beyond .

An Architectural shelter-tech start-up shaping the lives of people with innovative approaches towards built-environment by working towards UN Global Goals .

Recognized by Commonwealth Nations, United Nations (UN-CTCN), UNDP Accelerator Lab .

Location : Wuppertal, Germany

About Us .


At the Space Era, we aim to solve the housing crisis. According to UNHCR, there are more than 89 million people that are forcibly displaced worldwide at the end of 2021. And the stats are rising due to climate change and other humanitarian emergencies. Thus, there is a need for emergency shelters and temporary housing which not only solve the sudden housing need of the affected population, but also ensuring their standard of living and humanitarian rights.

We aim to use sustainable material, building technology, cradle-to-cradle strategies, and innovative approaches to provide the solution of housing and infrastructure needs. Our purpose is driven by triple bottom line concept by US green building council to ensure the built environment needs achieving circularity impacting the society.

Hear from our founder .

Kaif Ali (LEED Green Associate by USGBC) is a young Architect, a Youth professional shaping the Sustainability industry. He is actively changing the way people view sustainability and social responsibility, from mandatory to an opportunity to innovate.
He hopes to use architecture to build a better world, is now known for motivating his fellow young generation towards sustainability,and initiatives towards United Nation’s Global Goals.

Facts on Refugee crisis .

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About 1% of the world’s population is displaced.
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One person is forcibly displaced approximately every two seconds.
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Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 25
Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.
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Space Era at Ground Reality - Delhi, India .

We are creating change by .

Providing Modular housing solutions

With modular pre-fab technology including shipping containers and respective insulation panels, we provide rapid, affordable, housing solutions.

Architecture and design services

Specialized in architecture and design services including 3D modelling, rendering and innovations towards sustainable built environment.

Space Era at Circular Valley, Wuppertal Germany

Our Impact .

SPACE ERA aspires to be the most forward-thinking, ethical, and sustainable company selling Shelters and infrastructure solutions to aid nature and its beings.

We aim to serve social, environmental, and economical justice to build an equitable, green, and thriving circular economy.

SPACE ERA  designs for the environment, using clean technology and cradle-to-cradle philosophy mitigating waste throughout our-products life cycle.


What people are saying about us.

Biplabketan Paul Member of Board of Directors of Gujarat Ecology Commission

Space Era is an outstanding vision. Given right ecosystem and proper platforms, it is capable of bringing in amazing benefits to larger mass across the globe. Kaif Ali's thought clarity is commendable and in his life dictionary He does not have the word "Quit". These visionaries have the potential to create difference in the world.

Helge Lindh Member of Parliament, Wuppertal, Germany

Mr. Ali's project is of great relevance in view of the increasing number of refugees and displaced people worldwide. From my point of view as rapporteur for the SPD parliamentary group on residence and asylum law and from the experience of accompanying the refugee crises of the Syrian and Ukrainian wars, I think that there is a highly remarkable, socio-politically extremely relevant business case here. Mr Ali has my full support in this.

Rajiv Gulati Former Head UN Technology Innovation Labs India

Good to see and being part at some critical tourning points of Space Era journey of innovative idea implementation for the good of society. Team’s fast adoption and clarity of aligning the ideas with SDGs cleared many paths and bought international recognitions to get outcomes accelerated fast. Wishing the team all the best for future endeavours and happy to mentor the team at very critical junctures of their entrepreneurship journey.

Dr. Carsten Gerhardt The initiator of Circular Valley®, Partner at Kearney

Kaif and Abishek were great participants in the Circular Valley program. They are extremely passionate about developing their vision of flexible, modular construction. Their use cases are deeply humanitarian. This combined with their personalities, made them immediately win the hearts of supporters in Circular Valley®. We look forward to our future collaboration.”

MADANI MORGAN German Political & Business Consulting Corporation

Space Era solves a humanitarian and political challenge. Through Space Era Housing will be not only a theoretical, but an implemented basic right.

Sandeep Narang Consultant-Construction and Air Quality, Green Fellow (IGBC)

Space Era start-up is a great initiative highly oriented towards sustainable development goals. Ensuring housing solution with cradle-to- cradle strategies, working towards humanitarian cause of refugee displacement, it is a wonderful project towards a sustainable future. I am Highly confident that Space Era's young and dynamic team will achieve huge milestones in coming future.

Olawale Folami Investor. Real Estate Developer. Architect. Businessman

Space Era vision has the potential to impact the very basic strata of society. A perfect vision to impact socially, economically and environmentally. I appreciate the dedication of Kaif and all the Space Era team. I have seen their growth and they will go great. I contribute my all support to Space Era.

Bibeka Patnaik Leading digital transformation, Business and Growth Strategy, customer relationship

Space Era having highly young and dynamic individuals capable of delivering the growth and potential to support the social cause. Low cost sustainable housing is the need of the hour when we have pandemic still around the corner and refugee crisis growing globally, Space Era is finding a way to face this challenge and committed to help the society to be more resilient. I find Kaif Ali very enthusiastic, energetic and self motivated who is not only focussing to make his dream come true but also keen to contribute to the society which he developed in himself over a period of time. I wish him all the best to bring space era to the greatest hight.

Stephan Radu Director, Stephan Radu Architekturburo

Being part of the journey of Space Era at very Initial stage, from developing the quarantine shelter to now solving the bigger crisis of the world, solving the refugee housing. The level of dedication, consistency and passion to achieve the mission is amazing. Glad to be part of such a core visionary start-up and very amazed to see the leadership by young generation of the society. All the very best team Space Era.

Najma Akhtar JMI Vice Chancellor Professor

JMI Vice Chancellor Professor Najma Akhtar congratulated Kaif for the "second important achievement" and said that it is his hard work and out-of-the-box thinking that is bringing success not only for him but also giving a good name to the university.

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